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Whether you are shopping for  discounted travel tickets or the best affordable Vacation destinations Local or International,or better still you have a passion to make a living in the evergreen Travel industry.You are at the right place at the right time,Check out our Revolutionary Travel Miles  Shop that gives you the power to change your story and attain financial freedom…..The Travel Miles is introduced to help African Youths raise enough capital for their dream business.The idea of Job hunting and dependence on Government is no longer working.After you have raised enough cash for your dream business,if you decide to invest in the Travel Industry like us,We will unleash to you the ABC of enjoying life to the fullest through the Travel Industry.If you decide investing in other sectors,our professional assistance will be given as well.We are a SUCCESS STORY and we want all honest minded Africans to succeed…Together WE CAN


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Having lived abroad for 15 years and worked my way to success in the Travel industry,We decided to gather a team of seasoned professionals with the main goal of empowering Nigerian Youths and giving them everything it takes to succeed. It is amazing to see the number of Nigerian Youths who desire to travel abroad,Their dreams are understandable…We decided to put together a programme to help 100 Nigerian youths every  year to achieve their dreams not just only travelling but also achieving financial freedom.

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Our well profiled search engine is connected to over 465 travel airlines worldwide to provide you with the most affordable real time promos and deals.


We are the major stakeholder in connecting deals with hotels,whether you are looking  for an escape route or vacation on the go,Our hotel search engine is sure your best bet

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Introduction,Revolutionary travel miles,the more you mile,the more you smile,you are few steps away from living your dreams

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