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Please try again later. The OSD vms are not in the Hyperv failover cluster. You can configure Ceph logging by: Using the ceph command at runtime. Ceph cluster reported OK status. The default_availability_zone is used when a volume has been created, without specifying a zone in the create request as this zone must exist in your configuration. OSDs, as the results might be the opposite than intended: stopping, starting or restarting OSDs results in more PGs peering and might aggravate the problem. Thankfully it was just one user at the time it started. For more information see: https.


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Recovering from these are much more complicated and outside the scope of a basic troubleshooting guide. If you have any questions, please contact customer service. The mon_clock_drift_allowed parameter determines what disparity between the clocks is tolerated. OSD that has a copy of the objects. Then a new secondary OSD will be elected.

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