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There, authorities of what was then the Soviet Union attempted to conceal the scale of the explosion and fire, delaying evacuations for two days and imposing secrecy that continues today. Casks to transfer the removed fuel to the central spent fuel facility have been designed and manufactured using existing cask technology. Higashihara told reporters at a solemn news conference.

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However, personal communication with a number of surgeons currently performing SCR using the dermal allograft patch produced reports of high patient satisfaction rates, excellent improvement in function and pain levels in the short term, and low risk of complications. SCR may also be an attractive option for previous failed cuff repair, in a setting of poor tissue quality, fatty infiltration, and other factors that may result in tear irreparability. As a result, nuclear policy debate in Japan has been polarized.

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East Asia Forum welcomes comments, both for adding depth to analysis and for bringing up important new issues. This would be a large unit to burn actinides with uranium and plutonium in oxide fuel. Discussion was ongoing, but action minimal. We need to grow a resilient food system from the ground up. They were in a new place and had left everything behind.

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