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Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, Vol. All authors reviewed the manuscript. Garcia MF, Aleala M, Burgess LF, Mallouk TE. PVA was carried out on Si substrate. Develop new materials in nano composites. Yang Y, Zhu ZK, Yin J, Wang XY, Qi ZE. Krishnamoorti R, Vaia RA, Giannelis EP. Ni nanocomposites by a chemical method. Usage data cannot currently be displayed.

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Kindle email address below. Fractographs of the composite revealed no MWCNT aggregates, but instead their uniform distribution without any pullouts.

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Ma RZ, Wu J, Wei BQ, Liang J, Wu DH. Schadler LS, Giannaris SC, Ajayan PM. This is presented in the next Section. Cha SI, Kim KT, Lee K, Mo CB, Hong SH. Secondly, the observation by Vaia et al. Biomaterial Processing and Characterization. Vassilliou JK, Ziebarth RP, Disalvo FJ. Czech company SHM Ltd.

COMPLIANCE Functionalizing the fullerenes aims to increase the solubility of the molecule by the cancer cells.

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