Frequently Asked Questions

what are travel miles?

Travel Miles are considered as kind of travel credits given to travel agencies and travel corporations which can be exchanged for cash only for travel purposes

how do i earn money from miles ?

The power of the Automated Travel Miles is such that it gives you flexibility even in your earnings,Whether it is 200k to 600k a month,it is actually dependent on your commitment.Top performing Associates earn from 200 to 600K monthly

this sound so good,are there any age restrictions ?

YES there are,To participate,you must be of legal age,Must have a Nigerian bank account and must adhere to strict policies of the company

do i need to sale anything to earn?

All members ATM Card are listed on the company website and tagged to every members ID No,It is accessible to every visitor on the website,however if you desire to be a top performing associate,you are expected to utilize the power of social media  or any other sales strategy in promoting your mile credit.The company also offers Premium  promotional services

how do i become a member?

Step 1 Simply visit the website at

Step 2 Buy 5000 unit  of miles credit at the cost of N5000 from any of the sellers listed on the page or if you have a friend who invited you,ask him for his miles id number

Step 3 Pay to company’s  bank account as listed on the payment page,

Step 4 Send a 2 way SMS to the company and to the seller with details of your payment

Step 5;Wait for activation and issuance of your ATM ID NO and  ATM code


Contact us to manually activate your card.You may have to use offline method for your promotions,however having an android phone will do you more good especially if you want a career from this.

how much does it take to buy travel miles?

If you are buying for the first time,That is,if you are not yet a member.You are only allowed to buy  one ATM unit at the cost of N5000. Upon activation of your account,You can buy a MAX of 50

how do i get my money if my travel miles are sold?

Payment are made on a weekly bases.Sending of payments starts from 11am every Saturdays,If you wish to put on hold your earning,you will have to notify is before sat 11am.

who is responsible for selling the travel miles?

Miles are like stocks,listed on the public market, members searches for it and buys it.Your miles are listed in our database accessible to all,However if you desire to achieve the dreams for this project,we advise that you employ other sales strategies.The more you sale,the more money you make

Why am i paying N5000 when the person that refers me says its just n3000?

Good questions,If you are buying for the first time,you are not yet considered as a member since you have no activated membership miles ID,therefore you are bound to purchase at the market price of N5000.After your first purchase,your membership code will be activated for N30000 purchases.


Every member can purchase a maximum of 50 ATM cards


Inorder to comply with the KYC rules set up by the Federal Government,We only transfer funds to  exact registered name.Ensure that you open up an account before withdrawal 

how much can i make from selling miles?

You will enjoy total flexibility with regards to earning potentials,You can set your own performing associates have hit a target of N600.000 Monthly.You can tab from their skills


As of now,the only acceptable payment and withdrawal method is through bank transfer.We are progressive and will upgrade to more payment method as the need arises

what if nobody buys my mile credit?

Miles are liquid assets and hence easily disposable,The miles marketplace makes it easy for people to gain access to your miles,you may also consider using the power of social to increase your sales 

how do i know when my miles are sold ?

The number of card bought by each member is indicated in the number of stocks available,as purchases are made,the count reduces,so simply checking on the number of stock available makes it easier for you to track sales,however,every time somebody buys from your stock,you receive an SMS notification from the Buyer

who is qualified to become a member ?

Every person who is of legal age,every person who aspires to make a living as a travel associate and everybody who desires to live a life of financial freedom.

what is the milonaires club

Milonaires  club are elite membership club,A member enjoys all paid trip to annual travel trips.Members who made their first million in 3 months are automatically inducted to the milonaires club.So if you dream for all paid 2020 Dubai annual meeting,then work your way into the milonaires club

what cable providers can i recharge with miles credit ?

Almost all cable networks in Nigeria


Atm ID is simply put ,the membership ID which members will search for on the website inorder to buy your miles credit,while ATM code is your secret code which you will only use to avail 40 percent discount while purchasing credits.It must be kept secret and should not be disclosed

what are economy,business and first class

We pay a bunch of IT staffs that keeps the website up and running,so we charge a minimal fees for advertising purposes,Economy are Members without ATM promotional credit.Business class are Premium members who have purchased  one week promotional credit.First class are Royal class premium members who have purchased more than one week promotional credit

how much do i need to pay to buy promotional credit

Promotional credits cost as little as N500 weekly subject to availability.You will have to request for a slot ahead of time

in my account it shows that my stock have reduced and i did not receive any sms or any payment

We are aware that some people might complete the transaction online without completing it at the bank by transfer.The system record every completed transaction,which is why we do series of confirmation before disbursing payment on Saturdays.

do i need to pay for any registeration

The purpose of this programme is to help youths who aspire to make a career in the travel industry.We do not charge any fees for any registration whatsoever 

can i get two accounts for selling miles

We are very strict when it comes to policies,every account is tied to one name and one bank account,however you can buy a family pack account that will include every member of your family


Yes you can use your miles to purchase ticket as well as other related products from our partnership sites


Members who qualifies are automatically inducted to the Milonaires Club.To qualify,you nee to make your first million in straight  3 months

can i receive my payment by cash?

For now all payment are made through Bank transfer,We may have to consider other payment methods in the future.keep checking updates for more

i am interested in becoming a travel consultant?

All members are potential travel consultants,However we offer life changing opportunities to own a travel website and to be linked to travel airlines  and an ability to earn lifetime Passive income while sleeping,.This however will cost you some money to set things up.Contact us for more details

i forgot my code and my atm id no,what should i do

Kindly visit the contact us page on the website and send us a request,we will locate your ID and Code and will sen it to you via SMS

i have purchased a mile and i have received sms that my account is ready but i dont see it on the front page

Only Business and First class miles are listed on the front page of the shop.By default every registered members ATM is registered as Economy.Kindly use the search button on-top of the shop to locate your ATM simply by typing your members ID No

do i need to purchase promotional credit inorder to sale

The answer is capital NO.All members miles unit are listed in the shop place and is searchable using the search button,you only need promotional credit to rank it on the front page

what will happen to my stock if it is reduced without me receiving any payment

Before disbursing payments on Saturdays,We will do stock audit as well as check valid and invalid transactions.If order are placed from your account without payment at the bank,we will first try to followup the buyer and if he/she is no longer interested,we will revert the order back to your online stock