how to become a MILLIONAIRE in 120 days selling miles

(When i assembled my team and told them that i want to empower 100 Nigerian Youths every year by making them become millionaires in 120 days.Eyebrows were raised,curiosity was activated.I remember chucks one of my team asking me this very challenging line………In this Naija?………..Well i know the same question is going on in your mind and i am well confident and believe in this vision.Without further ado ,lets get to the practicals. We are in the business of travels and miles? Units of miles at the cost of N5000 have been offered to members at the rate of N3000. That means N2000 is yours to keep for every mile unit sold.Lets do the maths, Having offered all members easy access for their mile units to be displayed on the website and seen by all, sales become practically easy.It means that your product is generating sales even while you are sleeping…thats the power of the internet.We have spent a lot of money developing our website to a mobile optimized friendly version which means you can do practically everything on the website right on your mobile phone..Now back to the maths.

All it takes is just 5 units a day….Lets say you sale just 5 units a day ………………that equals to 150 units a month

since you get N2000 for each unit sold………that equals to N300,000 a month,remember you dont do anything,all you do is just buy the unit and we upload it for you on our shop,and send you weekly alerts for sold unit.Imagine how much more units that you can sale if you begin to share the good news to friends and post your miles link on social media.

Back to the maths

N300,000 a month if you do it consistently for 4 months…..That equals to N1,200,000.

These are sure and proven facts,its as simple as ABC.You dont have anything to loose.What can you do with N5000…not much but your journey to greatness start with N5000. Be among the 100 Nigerians that must be successful every year.Our joy is to see those testimonies coming…..Share the good-news and dont be a want it all alone type